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Molluscs are a diverse group of invertebrates that can be found in salt water, in fresh water and on land.


All molluscs...

  • belong to the phylum Mollusca, one of the largest phylum
  • are multicellular eukaryotype organisms
  • have a coelom, a digestive tract and are bilaterally symmetrical as a larva
  • have a similar pattern of development followed for their eggs
  • go through  a stage of development when they are trochophore larvae
  • have a distinct head where the sensory organs are located (except bivalves)
  • have an organ used to scrape or cut up food


  • Some molluscs include chitons,  bivalve molluscs (mussels and clams), gastropods (snails), nudibranchs (sea-slugs), cephalopods (octopus and squid)
  • The study of molluscs is called malacology

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