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Importance of Mollucs


  • since they are easy to find, edible and full of natural beauty they have been of great importance to humanity for centuries
  • some of the many uses include: money, containers, musical instruments, jewelery, decorations, dyes and many others


  • as a food: molluscs are high in protein and with minerals
  • many delicacies and world renown meals are made from molluscs ex. clam chowder or escargot


  • as medicine: people used to wear shell amulets to protect themselves from disease, infertitly and to keep away bad luck
  • now a days venom from shells such as Cone Shells or Conidae are used to treat those who suffer from heart disease of have had a stroke
  • it has recently been found that this venom can be used to cure chronic pain (still not FDA approved however)


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