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Knowledge Quiz

Test a bit of your knowledge on molluscs!
Don't cheat!


1) How many classes of molluscs are there? How many subclasses are there?
(a) 7. 4
(b) 6, 11
(c) 7, 10

2) What is the only class that does not contain sensory organ in its head?
(a) monoplacophora
(b) bivalves
(c) gastropods

3) What is NOT a characteristic of all mollucs?
(a) unsegmented soft body
(b) differentiating mantle cavity
(c) muscular foot and tenticles

4) What is one characteristic from the species molluscs evolved from?
(a) digestive organs
(b) gills
(c) soft nasal cavity

5) What are molluscs' gills used for?
(a) repiration
(b) feeding
(c) both

6) Which class of molluscs do squid belong to?
(a) polyplacophora
(b) cephalopoda
(c) monoplacophora

7) What habitat do Gastropods NOT live in?
(a) mudd flats
(b) grass beds
(c) sandy beaches

8) What are long-term breeders of mollusc species called?
(a) glochidia
(b) bradytictics
(c) tachytictics

9) What was the main purpose for people to wear amulets decades ago?
(a) protect them from disease
(b) style and fashion
(c) tribal customs

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