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Biodiversity and Protection

  • Fresh water molluscs are at risk due to low maintainance & bad conditions of aquatic environments
  • Global warming also an affect on molluscs, as ocean warms to certain temperatures, different condition for this phyla, which mean more adaptation



  • shellfish closures such as the one in Vancouver is meant to protect the public and the species
  • Coastal waters are tested regulary for PSP toxins that harm many deep water molluscs
  • When water temperatures increase to a great level, the amount of algae increases in which some molluscs such as bivalves feed on, giving them toxins
  • again we see how global warming is an issue

We can begin to protect molluscs by doing some of the following:
  • do not break coral shells to get to inner surface
  • return all rocks to their original postiion (serves as habitat for some)
  • do not remove juviniles or eggs
  • do not pollute, chemicals from wastes may harm species

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